Hellcat/Demon/Trackhawk Nitrous Spacer Plate
  • Hellcat/Demon/Trackhawk Nitrous Spacer Plate

    Currently OUT OF STOCK
    Used on the WORLD RECORD HELLCAT!!!!
    First of its kind, fully designed and manufactured in house!
    * *Just the Nitrous Spacer Plates and 1/8” npt fittings that are made in house, no nitrous lines included**
    Nitrous spacer plate for your Hellcat/Demon/Trackhawk!
    This is a completely balanced nitrous plate, much more efficient and distributes the nitrous must more evenly between the cylinders than spray bars! The plates are sprayed from the front and back ( feeding the front 2 and back 2 runners separately). This makes it much more balanced than nitrous bars!
    No more needing to send your blower off for spray bars to be installed and having your car down for weeks!
    These O-ring gaskets have a better seal than the factory gaskets! No more gasket leaks!
    Also comes with longer bolts to replace the stock bolts!
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      $600.00Sale Price